Alessandro is one of the most knowledgeable person I have met in the fashion industry from both the brands point of view and the international distribution channels.

Christophe Caillaud
CEO at Christian Liaigre - Paris

Alessandro is a resourceful and experienced manager and has good knowledge of the Asia retail markets. I enjoyed working with him in both capacities.

Adrienne Ma
CEO at Amma Holding Ltd - Hong Kong

Alessandro is a very inspiring leader, with strong values and a very high levels of expertise in the fashion and overall luxury industry. It has been a pleasure to work with him as he always stands for the right and best solution for both parties.

Christophe de Pous
President & CEO at Gucci America - New York

Alessandro is a very strong retail expert, bringing a lot of added value in the operations and the strategic aspects of the business. I highly recommend him for any senior position in the retail industry.

Eric Douilhet
President at Estee Lauder Japan - Tokyo

Alessandro is a highly capable commercial executive with an intimate operating knowledge of the luxury and fashion industry, as well as an unparallelled network of contacts.

Marco Giovannelli
Principal at Altavista Capital - Panama

It has been a great pleasure working with Alessandro. He is a person full of passion and dedication to his work. He is a well experienced manager and has good knowledge of the Asian retail markets. I enjoyed working with him on both personal and professional level.

Anita Fung
President at Alexander McQueen APAC - Hong Kong

Alessandro is the most eclectic manager that I have ever met! What else to say? Fashion acumen and top level connection place him at the top of the ladder.

Marcello Grasselli
GM Valentino Middle East - Dubai

I had the pleasure to meet and work with Alessandro. He is a big professional in fashion, his preparation and experience are good arguments, but also the feeling and intuition he has. I hope to have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Jaime Pascual
CEO at GOLF S.A. - Spain

I have worked with Alessandro Maria Ferreri and would highly recommend him to anyone who works in the luxury fashion business and needs any type of guidance in the industry. He personally knows the luxury retailers and manufacturers around the world and is highly admired by anyone who has ever interacted with him. He is a walking encyclopedia on fashion side and out. His attention to detail and knowledge of the industry is second to no one. His attitude and work ethic is exceptional. In this industry where many would like you to believe that they can get things done, Alessandro truly can deliver.

Catherine Guadagnuolo
Owner at Vestis Fashion Group - Vancouver

I find Alessandro to be very professional and conduct business to the hightes of integrity. He is very commited to business and always look for a win win situation.

Ismail Alfahim
Board Member at Paris Gallery - United Arab Emirates

Dear AMF, you were one of the best managers we have ever worked with, very persuasive, very thorough, lots of follow up and persistence. Without you it would have been impossible to open 2 stores for DSquared2 in Beirut.

Michel Salame
COO at Aishti - Beyrut

Alessandro is one of the most professional Retail Directors in the luxury sector. He has a great vision and his attention to detail is impressive. I have had the pleasure to work with Alessandro for a number of years across his career and each time Alessandro continues to show his innovative approach to the business.

James Hill
Founder & Publishing Director at LUXOS - Milan

Alessandro is one of the best principals I have ever came across during my career. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his brands as well as the fashion industry as a whole. Furthermore, he was always willing and available to support his clients to the best of his abilities whenever needed. I highly recommend this multi-faceted individual!

Palit Suranakaphan
CCO Asia-Pacific at Luxottica Group - Singapore

Alessandro has an excellent track record in the fashion industry. He is multi-lingual and multi-talented. His greatest asset is his global view of the industry. He has very good relationships with individuals in the sector and continues to nurture these relationships.

Jason Mitchell Jacobs
WW Head of Communication at Italian Independent - Milan

Alessandro is a real professional with a strong understanding of how different markets operate in the luxury sector. His experience and knowledge has helped him make numerous forays into the Indian market.

Charu Sachdev
COO at Sachdev Group - New Delhi

Alessandro has always been a mentor to me. The way he works and the attention he gives to all the people that collaborate with him is inspirational. He has always an answer to all questions and a solution to all problems due to his long experience in the industry. He is a great team player and has a deep knowledge of all international fashion markets. He breathes fashion and he is a fashion icon himself. He is a hard working person and a citizen of the world. Alessandro has been adding value to all the companies he has worked for and he is well known among people in the industry. He is a real asset.

Marina Natalini
VP of Global Sales at Reem Acra - New York

Alessandro is a compassionate worker and has a strong knowledge of the international fashion markets. He seeks out ways to work a solution more efficiently, always keeping his goals clearly in mind. Alessandro has proven to be a strong manager, able to handle any challenge, always remaining extremely dedicated. Working with Alessandro is a very impressive and pleasant experience.

Marco Coianiz
CIO at Etro S.p.A. - Milan

Alessandro is one of the most dedicated and professional people that I have worked with through out the years. His dedication to his work, his team and his responsibilities is remarkable. He is a very charismatic individual that knows the ins and outs of the business which makes him highly dependable asset.

Ramzi Tabiat
Creative Director at Al-Ostoura Int. - Kuwait

Alex is one of the few truly professional and dedicated Commerical Directors in the fashion business. With a great knowledge and understanding of my market, he conducts business with flair and most importantly integrity.

David Cheung
GM of fashion division at Paris Gallery - Dubai

Alessandro has shown in several occasions a talented personality able to cater for the most different and many-side circustances: a genuine asset for whom has the chance to work with and share his brilliant business-driven attitude.

Enrico Destro
CCO Travel Retail EMEA at Luxottica Group - Hong Kong

Alessandro is one of the best brand principal I've worked with in my numerous years in the fashion industry. He is fast, dynamic, highly responsible and extremely responsive in any problems we bring up along the way. He has good eyes when it comes to finding business opportunities and eventually making it happen.

Andre Hendrata
Head of Communication APAC at Bottega Veneta - Singapore

Alessandro is a rare luxury professional with a global perspective and a very realistic outlook. His immense passion for his work has helped him acquire a unique expertize in today's very fast changing environment. He would make for a great CEO, not just in fashion but any other luxury sector.

Oliver N. Petcu
Publishing Editor at CPP-LUXURY.COM - London

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