Alessandro Maria Ferreri is the CEO of The Style Gate, a company dedicated to helping luxury brands develop their products, marketing and everything in between. He has a strong background in the world of fashion and luxury, having worked with brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Etro, Marni, Vivienne Westwood and more.

In this InCompany by Attire Club interview, we discuss his background, style and more!

“The way you dress will always be an important business card”

What can you tell us about your background?

Alessandro Maria Ferreri: I want to start off by saying that in 2018, I will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of my career. I started working in luxury in 1998 after obtaining a degree in Management Engineering and having written, for Aeffe Group, the software that the pattern designers use to build a garment on AutoCAD. These very dense and long 20 years saw me managing different brands and “maisons”, both in Italy and Paris, handling all sort of collections, from haute couture to contemporary lines. This wide knowledge brought me to find my own management services company 3 years ago.

How did your interest in style and aesthetics spark?

AMF: I believe teenage is the moment in which many people develop the passions that will accompany them all along their lives. I was very lucky to have my youth time in the 80s and 90s, years that have been crucial for the explosion of fashion. For masters like Versace or Jean Paul Gaultier, those years have been a blossoming time and for me, they were a great moment to start developing a real passion and interest in this world.

Who or what are your main style inspirations?

AMF: For a man, it is not so easy at the moment to take inspirations from the actual male icons, as the we should all dress like Kanye West or Jared Leto. Still, there are phenomena that resonate quite well with my way of dressing: I don’t have a strict style, if I may say so, as I tend to be like many men today, who easily jump from Gucci to Cos depending on their mood. I appreciate a lot of what Junya Watanabe does and, in general, am a big fun of Croco accessories, in all forms and colors.

What can you tell us about your website,

AMF: My web site is my company profile. There, you can find a good part of my projects – those not covered by confidentiality agreements, feedback given by major luxury actors, a big section of interviews and there’s also a press section, along with videos and my complete bio.
It is important that everybody can openly check who I am, what I do and who I work for, as transparency, integrity, experience and success stories are the pillars of credibility today. Many managers do not have any solid background and important accomplished projects. has the possibility to show, through a mobile screen, the real me and convince you to use my services, in case you feel you need them. For all the rest, included the fancy parts, you can just Google my name and find many pages full of info and photos.

What are, in your opinion the main ingredients for a good outfit?

AMF: Everything starts from the shoes! Save your money on everything except shoes, which have to be always clean, beautiful and impeccable. You can have holes in your sweater, but, with a stunning pair of shoes, the outfit will shine! Go bold and never have basic shoes, as people tend to judge you, looking at your feet. Shoes are, in my opinion, the only part of an outfit that can cost a real fortune: they are an investment on your image and your future!

What are your obsessed with, fashion- and otherwise?

AMF: Unlike what many people might thing, am not really obsessed with fashion. Yes, I truly believe that, in the modern life, a smart outfit is a great help on many occasions, but money has to be spent using culture, elegance and a sense of style. I am obsessed with good manners, as they are essential in any interaction. I, for example, do not tolerate people who do not answer emails: not answering always shows something negative and I make sure that this is clear as day to everyone on my team.

What are in your opinion, the biggest changes and trends we’ll see in the future in the luxury market at large and in the fashion business in particular?

AMF: Nowadays customers tend to consume and digest fashion proposals with such a dangerous speediness that is very difficult to predict where all this will lead us. Still, it is quite clear that today’s business model, on which fashion has stood for the last 40 years has arrived to a point of no return and that we will unfortunately see many stars falling. Vetements, Gucci or Off White have become too loud to be able to last. People will soon need another drug, another religion to follow and another way to get excited. There are no more faithful customers and younger generations have many other interests than fashion. Still, the way you dress will always be an important business card: so find your style at H&M or Dior, or mix the two, but invest in it and remember to polish your shoes every day!