The Luxury Paradigm Of Louboutin Investor Exor

“I personally find this operation very interesting,” said Alessandro Maria Ferreri, owner and CEO of The Style Gate consulting firm, who also pointed to the importance of family relations and recalling the longtime friendship between Louboutin and Ginevra Elkann, sister of John Elkann, and Diane von Furstenberg, who married into the Agnelli family through Egon von Furstenberg.
This, however, would not be enough and Ferreri underscored Louboutin’s “incredible business,” his “unique talent and a product that is hugely recognizable. Last but not the least, any woman on the planet who wants to be even more beautiful, sensual and elegant surely wants a pair of Louboutins.”
The brand has much growth potential in the global market, continued Ferreri, and Louboutin has “helped dispel the myth that women in China or Japan don’t wear heels. It’s more a n1atter of fit.” Men’s, too, is a very interesting division for the brand and he emphasized Louboutin’s “industrial and production asset with three vertical and owned” complexes that develop prototypes.