Communication, Valentino Style

Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli believes in a new modular and flexible approach to talk to Valentino’s different customer targets and communities.

Alessandro Maria Ferreri, chief executive officer and owner of The Style Gate consulting firm, concurred, saying that, while It Is important to protect the integrity of a brand, “it is very difficult today to have a single message that is the same for a consumer target that is very large, in terms or age, geography and spending power. You can’t put them all together under a same communication umbrella. Each needs a different tone of voice, with different content and fronted by different talents or celebrities, as their reaction varies depending on the stimulus.”
He drew a parallel with Dolce & Gabbana, whose different products are photographed in different ways with different models. “The brands that aspire to become global and that have passed the 1 billion euro sales benchmark feel the need to maintain a wide product offer, from a sneaker to an evening gown and they necessarily need to have a different approach for each consumer range.”
On top this, those brands that have a strong beauty business, such as Saint Laurent or Dior, put in place yet another kind or communication strategy. For this reason, Ferreri does not believe Valentino is alone in its approach. “Is this positive in the long term and for the growth of the brand? Well, the Armani Group has followed this strategy since its inception and it appears its awareness is very solid.”