September 14th – 2017

Worldwide Business Review Unveils the 2017 Mediterranean Enterprise Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2017- Worldwide Business Review Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Mediterranean Enterprise Awards.

The 2017 Mediterranean Enterprise Awards are here to celebrate the best in the region. Businesses in the respected nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, are having to adapt to a volatile economic and political situation. Despite this, enterprises throughout the region are investing and prospering and Worldwide Business Review want to recognise these outstanding individuals and companies.
Discussing the awards, Heather Ryan, Awards Coordinator, commented: “It has been a genuine pleasure to showcase the hard work and dedication of these innovative and dynamic business, across this vast and vital region. Congratulations to my deserving winners and best of luck for the future.”

“These awards are merit based, the number of votes an enterprise received does not influence their success. Our publication stands by businesses that deserve recognition and puts our award winners in front of the readers who matter.”